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What makes us the best dating app
on the market?

Our unique approach of finding verified people, matching them with similar individuals, and getting them out on dates is how we are going to find you the one. Helping us do this are 4 core features of Nibble


we know it’s frustrating when a conversation fizzles out, or people on the app aren’t there looking to date, so all out chats start out with a date invite


every individual on our app has had their ID verified and selfie of themselves checked against it, so you can be comfortable the person you’re talking to and meeting is really who they say they are

Available today

our available today feature lets you be spontaneous, if your theatre show is cancelled, or a friend can’t make dinner, then log on and see who else is available that evening for a date and you might find the one

Date suggestions

not only does Nibble find you the right people, but we’ve also included some brilliant date recommendations in our app, and our algorithms will find you the perfect one in between you and your date


check out someone’s reliability rating before you invite them on a date to check they are going to be there when you arrive


Meet the right people

on Nibble a date invite must be accepted before a chat starts, so you know everyone on the app is really there to go on dates and meet the one (just like you).

Stay safe

everyone on Nibble has been verified so you know they are who they say they are, and the age they say they are. We’ve also added an SOS button in which can send a fake call through to your phone immediately or 2mins in case you ever feel unsafe and need an excuse to leave.

Have confidence in your date

we make sure that no one is going to forget the date with SMS reminders and always ask people to confirm they can still make is a few hours before. Each user also has a reliability rating that drops if they are very late or don’t turn up so you know beforehand if they are a repeat offender or not!

Be spontaneous

has your theatre show been cancelled? Work finished earlier than expected? Check out our available today feature and set up a date with someone else who’s feeling adventurous too.

Thake the hassle out of dating

by sending the invite first we have removed the problem of chat fizzling out, or awkwardly having to work out who should send the invite! Also, if you’re stuck for where to go on your date, we have some fantastic recommendations for you and your date!

How to make a profile?

Our quick sign up process some steps!


About you

upload some photos or a short video about yourself


About me

give us some details about yourself to help us find you a match


My preferences

tell us a bit about what you’re looking for


ID verification (powered by Onfido)

4.verify a selfie of against a photo of some ID to confirm your identity

Our profile

Create your profile section onto the nibble partners page which collects the following information please:

    *Please attatch at least 4 photos of your venue for us to share with potential customers
    Fun facts

    Here are some stats to give you a flavour of Nibble. In London alone we have


    Bar recommendations


    Restaurant recommendations


    Café recommendations


    Entertainment venue reccomendations

    Frequently asked questions

    Learn about our features from some FAQs

    If you have any app questions or comments about Nibble drop us an email at

    We know that for people of all gender and sexualities, meeting someone you met online still comes with a certain degree of trepidation. At Nibble our absolute priority is to make you feel as safe as possible. That’s why we are absorbing the cost of doing facial recognition and ID checks to verify every user on the app. We hope this will give you some comfort knowing the person is who they say they are and isn’t underaged!
    Go ahead and accept, then within the “Your date details” in the chat screen, you have the option to reschedule or cancel your date.
    Our premium feature allows you to maximise your chances of getting on a date with the right person by enabling you to:
    • 1. Send invites to anyone (not just people who have liked you)
    • 2. Send messages with your invites
    • 3. Have the option to offer to pay for your date
    All our suggestions come from recommendations our team have made. After that, we determine what to recommend based on a few things: places the person you’re inviting would like to try, somewhere in between the two of you, and (if a restaurant) places within your cuisine preferences
    Privacy is, of course, very important to us and to make sure your personal data is safe at all times we use high level security and data encryption to eliminate the chances of a data breach. We also ensure our regular data backups are stored on a secure cloud.

    In addition, all ID checks are performed by Onfido, who also do checks for finance companies such as Revolut, so you can be sure your personal data is safe.
    We know ghosting is always a concern when it comes to a first date, often someone won’t turn up because they were catfishing and our ID verification will remove that issue; however, we recognise that it can still happen, and to make things more certain, we have included a:

    • 1. Reliability rating (out of 5), which goes down if someone has been reported for being late, cancelling last minute or not turning up

    • 2. Reschedule date function in the “Your date details” screen in case someone can no longer make it

    • 3. Confirm your date reminder 4 hours beforehand

    • 4. Policy of blocking people who repeatedly turn up late, cancel last minute or don’t turn up at all

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